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Tech Institute's Computer Software Training

WebTech Institute, Inc. is an Atlanta-based corporation providing computer software training to Adults, Students, Corporate Employees, and Non-Profit Organizations. Our goal is to support those in need of basic computer training to help them become familiar with the computer and learn software programs most common in the workplace today.

The value in using the WebTech Institute Training program is individuals have the opportunity to acquire new skills that can position them for employment, career changes, or enhance the level of computer software knowledge in their current career.

We're all about saving time and money, without cutting corners. Our corporate computer training solutions minimize time away from the desk, and make the most of every class minute. You and your team get practical training using business relevant examples and course choices that let you target specific skill sets. In addition to a full range of open enrollment course choices, WebTech specializes in customized on-site training with a variety of schedule and delivery options.  Our expert level instructors can handle every possible training scenario from transition training for Microsoft Office version upgrades to high-end Excel, SQL, QuickBooks, Graphics, and Real Estate training, all delivered at the location of your choice. 

We believe in a personal approach that works. WebTech Institute is a turnkey solution to your training needs. So if you're looking for hands-on Microsoft Office (2010 and 2007 versions), Adobe Creative Suite, or other business applications training, WebTech can provide training to keep you on top of today’s technology. Experience computer training the way it should be!

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