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RealNova Technical Services specializes in web development and website support services.  We offer a very affordable e-commerce solution through paypal for consumer advertising.  We call this service our E-Page Payment Solution (EPPS).

EPPS (E-Page Payment Solution) - It's no secret that a number of individuals advertise their items and services for sale, through newspaper classified ads and online ad sites like Craigslist. You lose so many sales to stores and businesses because of payment options. Today's consumers and buyers need payment options other than paying cash or writing checks. We have the perfect solution.

For $50.00 we setup a one page EPPS website page which will allow you to receive online payments for the products and services you advertise for sale. Our special EPPS price includes your site registration, page design, photo of items, condition of sale (refund or no refund policy) disclaimer, and web hosting.

EPPS Web Page Benefits:
  • Your buyer can now purchase your product or service with a major credit card
  • You can list your EPPS domain name in all of your adds
  • This service requires NO CREDIT CHECK
  • You control the transfer of your funds to your personal checking account
  • You eliminate the loss of a sale because you can not accept any major credit card
  • You have the ability to receive non-refundable deposits for your product or service online
  • You can provide photos of your product online
  • You are automatically notified immediately by email when a payment has been made
  • You don't have to set up the traditional credit card merchant account with a bank

See Sample EPPS Web Page    

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